Jubal Nance


Jubal Nance is a model-builder and mold-maker, art director, videographer and animator, and special effects artist creating work for film, video, stage, and print. He is also a pattern and mold-maker specializing in commercial and residential ornamental building construction. He utilizes a wide range of tools and materials, from traditional to modern industrial, and is highly skilled in the various methods of drawing, painting, and photography. He is well versed in the many techniques of visual presentation.

Jubal’s aesthetic is informed by: machine and aerospace technology, “Star Trek”, “2001”, “Star Wars”, “Alien”, “Mad Max”, horror films, Japanese samurai movies, loud racing engines, electric motors, guns, fireworks, power tools, greasy machine shops, and dirty exhaust pipes.

Jubal started shooting super-8 movies in 1980 and has been making art in various media ever since. He designs and fabricates sets and props for corporations and small businesses, theater and film production companies, and fellow fine artists. Additionally, he has taught Molding and Casting for Artists at Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Some videos directed by Jubal can be viewed here:

All images and designs are the intellectual property of Jubal Nance. Photography by Jubal Nance unless otherwise indicated.